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Staff Contact Information

Principal: Mr. P. Manville
Vice-Principal: Ms. D. Ramen

Kindergarten Ms. Blakeway Library (M/T/Th/F) Ms. Toor
Kindergarten Ms. Rowe Music (T/W/Th/F) Ms. Mellor
Kindergarten Ms. Sandhu Indigenous Education Ms. Tannahill
Kindergarten Ms. Veriah Counsellor (M,T,W, Th,F) Ms. Beaton
Kindergarten Ms. Moizumi Speech & Language Ms. Lalic
Grade K/1 Ms. McClelland Child Youth Worker Ms. Heinz
Grade 1 Ms. Barnes
Grade 1 Ms. Yee Secretary Ms. Hodgins
Grade 1 Mr. Toftager Secretary Ms. Bachra
Grade 1 Ms. Rodgers
Grade 2 Ms. Tse Mr. Kabani
Grade 2 Ms. Penny Ms. Sahdev
Grade 2 Ms. Dhaliwal Ms. Cho
Grade 2 Ms. Perry Ms. Baracco
Grade 2/3 Ms. Baker
Grade 3 Ms. Baracco ELL TEACHERS
Grade 3 Ms. Cheema Ms. Stroutinska
Grade 3 Ms. Budiman Ms. Shangari
Grade 3 Ms. Grant Ms. Choi
Grade 3 Ms. Peters Ms. Kuo
Grade 4 Ms. Madlambayan
Grade 4 Ms. Minto
Grade 4 Mr. Dominguez

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