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Queen Elizabeth Elementary School Vision

Below is the link to our 2021-22 School Learning Plan. Our plan continues to be guided by our School Vision:

“To build a caring and inclusive community where children, staff and families learn together”.

Much of our work this year is through our Teacher Coach Plan led by our Teacher Coaches: Ms Ravinder Toor (Librarian), Ms Tracy Budiman (Grade 3), Ms Kayla Yee (Grade 1) and Ms Miyuki Moizumi (Kindergarten). Teacher Coaches work in individual classes weekly, providing new learning experiences and guiding instruction for staff and students, within an area of passion for them. Our focus this year is on Indigenous Art Education, Applied Design and Technology, Kinesthetic Learning and continuing to develop library resources that reflect equity, inclusion and diversity.

We appreciate feedback and as always encourage you to continue being active members in our Learning Community.

Queen Elizabeth Elementary School Learning Plan for 2021-2022

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