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November 30, 2021

Principal’s Message – November 30th

Dear Queen Elizabeth School Community,

As we near Winter Break we wanted to share the following important information and reminders.

Shine Bright New West
Shine Bright New West is happening again this year with a display at Port Royal. Students will be creating ornaments to add to this year’s display. In addition this year, our Grade 3/4 School Choir will be performing on December 14th @ 5PM at the Port Royal Display. A huge thank you to parent Laura Ranaletta for again helping connect QE students to this great event!

Report Cards
A reminder that Term 1 Student Progress Reports will be published to the Parent Portal in My Education on December 9thafter 3PM in the afternoon. Please find attached here again the district letter from Maureen McRae Stanger  (New West Schools Director of Instruction) articulating our Reporting Process and the recent updates/changes.

Daily Health Check for all Students, Staff and Visitors
Please be reminded that completing a health check is a daily requirement for all Staff, Students and Visitors to our Site. If you have any symptoms of illness you are asked to keep your child at home and/or not access the school site, A copy of the Daily Health Check will remain posted on our Website.

There have been two very important communications in the last few days sent directly to you from the district, that I want to bring to your attention here again.

Travel Restrictions

As we cast forward to the Winter Break, we know many of you are in the midst of making plans for your holidays. And, as international borders slowly start to re-open for non-essential travel – by air, sea or land – we know some of you may be considering travel options.

We want to quickly remind you that International travel restrictions are determined by the Federal Government. The federal requirements around the courses of action upon return are dependant on a number of factors, you can find some of that information here:

While we know requirements have continued to evolve throughout this pandemic, we want to draw particular attention to one current restriction in place: any student who is not fully vaccinated, even those who are under 12 years of age and travelling with fully vaccinated adults, may not attend school (or camps or day care) within 14 days of their return to Canada.

If you decide to travel internationally while these restrictions are in place, please coordinate with your teacher or school in advance of your trip, to ensure your child stays on top of their school work while they are away and for the 14 days following their return.

Other restrictions and conditions apply both to adult and student travellers. For more information on federal guidance and restrictions, visit For information on provincial measures, visit or call 811.

Covid 19 Vaccinations for Children (Aged 5-11)

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, we ask that you please take a moment to review the attached information about COVID-19 vaccinations for kids who are 5-11 years old: Ministry of Health info on vaccinations for children 5-11 (PDF)

We know vaccinations are one important way to protect individuals and the community against COVID-19. We also understand that they are a personal choice for students and their parents or guardians. For more information about the vaccines, please read the above attachment and follow the links provided there.

Thank you
P. Manville